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Foreground is a powerful referral and affiliate marketing tool that allows companies to turn their followers into their own sales force to attract more buyers to their token sales.

How does Foreground work?
When you purchase Foreground we provide you with your own portal where your followers can easily create a link that is unique to them. They then can share this link with anyone (friends, social media, blogs etc.). If someone clicks on the link and buys tokens, the user who referred the sale earns a commission.
Why should my team use Foreground?
While bounty programs have been extremely beneficial to users they don’t do a lot for the ICO team that is trying to raise money. Especially, the social media bounties generally result in mostly spam and don’t create a good return on your investment. With affiliate and referral marketing you only pay those users IF they actually bring you new buyers of your tokens. Therefore, you’re not forced to hand out ETH or tokens to people who are not helping you reach your funding goal.
How do I set up Foreground for my Token Sale?
The implementation of Foreground is simple and requires only basic JavaScript code that you have to include on your website so that our smart contracts can see when referrals are made. Upon purchase of Foreground, we will guide you through the setup and give you all the necessary pieces. We will also test everything for you. We know you have a lot going on and we are here to make the process as simple as possible, so you you and your team can focus on growing relationships, attend conferences, and, most importantly, build your project.

About Us
We are a group of business and development professionals based out of Chicago, USA and have been working on Foreground since early 2017.

You can reach us at if you have any questions.