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Affiliate & Referral Marketing
for Crypto Startups

Your Followers Become Your Sales Force

A Game Changer

Turn your friends and followers into your own army of salespeople with Foreground.

Why Foreground?

Empower Your Audience!
Attract More Token Buyers!
Reward Performance!

Increase Your Token Sales

Bye Bye Bounties. Hello Affiliate Marketing!

Value of Bounties

Value of Affiliate Marketing

Only pay for performance. Not for spam.

Excite your followers and audience.

Get a return on your investment.

Differentiate your Token Sale.

Avoid bad actors who hurt your brand.

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Out of passion for crypto...

Our Dashboard

At Foreground, we're a passionate small team that enjoys building. 

We decided to dedicate some of our development time to making some useful tools for the crypto community. 

Check out our dashboard and make sure to join our slack channel to share feedback and help improve these tools that everyone can use!